Monday, January 11, 2010

Rainbow Row

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thanks for the continued encouragement and support with the new Peanut Paintshop website!
It's so cool to look and see that people are visiting.

And a 2nd thank you for all of the awesome orders you've been placing!
Any order is fun because that means I get to paint, but y'all have been giving me great bedding, colors, and ideas to work with...bright colors, bold patterns, and ways for me to branch out.

Here's one newby:  "Emerson" (8x24")

My good friend is due to have a baby girl any day now, and this is the name they have chosen.  Seriously, the name alone made this one fun.  How can you not love the name Emerson?
The sheets and bedding have hot pink polka dots on them, and the walls will be green.  This was a mix of their colors and polka dot theme.  Hopefully it'll be something she can use in her big girl room one day, too!  Come on out, Emerson!!!  We're ready to meet you.

"Baby Stats"

March/April must have been a season of love in '09 because everyone is having babies!  Here is one 10" "Baby Stats" canvas ready to hang!  I've never put a ribbon on a 10" before, but I like it!  Might be my new 'thing'.  :)

And indoor shot.
I'm getting a lot of indoor shots these days.  Not because of the stellar lighting we have in our home (because it's lacking severely), but because it's frickin' cold outside!!!

And this is a tiny picture (sorry) because my tiny brain failed to take my own photograph of this so I had to steal it from my bff's blog.  Her little girl, Charlotte, has this in her room now.  This design is identical to THIS PAINTING, but clearly, the colors and name are different.  I thought this painting was really cute.  But you should see the real Charlotte....

And I veered from the dots (well, not really...check out the depth border).
"Lila Marie" (6x18")

I usually will very neatly sketch out my lines with a liner brush because I like the clean, crisp look.  But this time, I went freestyle, and was surprised how much I loved the freehanded look of the imperfect striping.  Maybe an old dog can learn a new trick or two afterall.

There's something I really want to try soon.  A variation of something else I've done recently.  But so far not all of the parts have arrived yet.  I know...sounds weird.  Parts?  What am I talking about?  I hope it is as cool on canvas as it is in my head.  Come back soon and let me know.

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