Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Georgia Rose

When I had my first son, we registered for all of the baby loot.  Seriously, all of it.  Everything.  And we got most of it aside from all of the warming machines (bottle warmer and wipe warmer)..which ended up being a good thing.  Our kids didn't balk at cold milk or hineys.  Even though we had a ton of awesome baby products for our boys, they've made serious improvements to the style of baby goods since then.  Cooler strollers, fashion friendly bibs, pacifiers with bling, etc...

My feelings on this were confirmed when a customer sent this bedding image to me:

I think that bedding is the coolest.  It's beautiful and feminine, but it's not screaming baby at you when you walk in the room.  So, painting something with this as the inspiration was a blast.

Here's Georgia Rose...

That bedding mixed with the name Georgia....does it get any better?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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