Sunday, January 31, 2010


Remember THIS PAINTING?  You may not.  I had to go back over six months to find it myself.  But I was excited when a friend wanted to use it as her inspiration for this painting....

It's an "established" painting with a little less seriousness...and a little more funkiness.  It was so much fun to paint this.  I love the bird, the flowers and the colors.  Thank you again to the graphic designer who created the wedding invitation that these are based from.  You do amazing work.  

And the "established" painting wasn't all my friend wanted!  She took the bird and flowers and shared the love with her sons!

She wondered if the pink and flowers would be over the top for boys....but we decided the answer was a 'no'.  Because these are not for her boys.  These are for her.  For her space.  And I love that!

And to top it off....the colors matched her wedding flowers.  (Insert "Awwww" here)

And this is why I love doing custom paintings.  They are WHAT YOU WANT!  It just so happens that this time, I would have wanted the same thing.  (If I had my own space:)

Just a lil' look of the pillow that the colors were pulled from.  The walls are a pale green.  Perfecto!

"Established" 12x24"  $60
"Square Bird"  12" $40

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Georgia Rose

When I had my first son, we registered for all of the baby loot.  Seriously, all of it.  Everything.  And we got most of it aside from all of the warming machines (bottle warmer and wipe warmer)..which ended up being a good thing.  Our kids didn't balk at cold milk or hineys.  Even though we had a ton of awesome baby products for our boys, they've made serious improvements to the style of baby goods since then.  Cooler strollers, fashion friendly bibs, pacifiers with bling, etc...

My feelings on this were confirmed when a customer sent this bedding image to me:

I think that bedding is the coolest.  It's beautiful and feminine, but it's not screaming baby at you when you walk in the room.  So, painting something with this as the inspiration was a blast.

Here's Georgia Rose...

That bedding mixed with the name Georgia....does it get any better?

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Remember THESE?   They were such a hit, that they needed a little revamping.  Just enough to allow them on your walls year round.  It's hard enough saying farewell to candy canes and Christmas lights January through November, so why should we have to say goodbye to these?  Now, we don't have to!

Kiss thumb tacks goodbye and say hello to....Photo Holders!

This is an 8x24" canvas with 12 metal clips ready to hold pictures, postcards, baby announcements, birthday invites, artwork, reminders, etc.  These can be made in any size, color and with the number of clips you need.

Not only did I did I perform a switcheroo with the Christmas card holder, I threw the ultimate curve ball by painting something for one of my kids!  As I've mentioned before, Jack and Finn are the recipients of artwork leftovers.  The things that don't sell, or the practice pieces that I try before doing the 'real' one for someone else.  Not yesterday.  I cranked out a crab for my youngest!

The graffiti-esque font for his name is very much like him:  wild, colorful and all over the place!

It will match his bedding and his attitude:  CRABBY!  : )  Just kidding.  He's just very much TWO!

The colors up close...

So, it's Jack's turn.  And since he's 4, I'm going to let him choose (within well defined parameters of course:)!

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Want to be British

Or at least have the accent.  Or just the right to call the bathroom the "loo" every now and again without being looked at like a weirdo.  It just sounds better than bathroom, restroom, and even ladies room.  Oh, least I got to use the word in this painting!  Here's a remake from a previous painting.  The colors were changed to match the hand towel shown here.  Love the green and teal together.  And the fretful looking monkey.  It's like he knows how scary it can get when kids and 'loos' are mixed.  If you've never potty trained anyone, then you just wait.

Another look...
Zoo in the Loo is a 6x18" $30

More "BabyStats"!!!
These are a great way to give a shout out to the hours (potentially) of labor you went through to bring your baby into the world.  (And a great way to remember the info that we soon forget once motherhood takes over and we lose our minds.)

Below is another shot...this time I didn't play with the color.  It's been so freezing outside lately (even in the winter-free area of the country we live in) that I've rushed through my picture taking, sometimes forgetting altogether!  Here's another reason:  When I paint, I look like a hobo.  My hair is a mess, my clothes are paint splattered and makeup is rarely involved.  So to avoid adding to the growing collection of evidence that, indeed, we are the WEIRD family on our street...I try to take the pictures quickly.  Sometimes at the sake of the quality of the photos.  Here it was nearly dark.  Scary though to see what even a tiny bit of photo editing will do (above).  I seriously clicked one button that said "enhance."  And it lightened the photo that much!  Now, I have NO IDEA about photo editing.  But I do wish that the "enhance" button would do more than change the color if you know what I mean.

10" square $30

Sometimes I'm darting around so quickly I neglect to see the 85 pound hairy beast that is charging at me. By beast I'm referring to our golden retriever, Scout, and when I say charging, it's more of a lazy gallop. So, meet Scout and "Alexia"!

The instructions for Alexia were simple:  Make it girly.

I think we reached the goal.

6x18" custom, $30
(the picture below is also without "enhancement" and is true to the actual color)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rainbow Row

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thanks for the continued encouragement and support with the new Peanut Paintshop website!
It's so cool to look and see that people are visiting.

And a 2nd thank you for all of the awesome orders you've been placing!
Any order is fun because that means I get to paint, but y'all have been giving me great bedding, colors, and ideas to work with...bright colors, bold patterns, and ways for me to branch out.

Here's one newby:  "Emerson" (8x24")

My good friend is due to have a baby girl any day now, and this is the name they have chosen.  Seriously, the name alone made this one fun.  How can you not love the name Emerson?
The sheets and bedding have hot pink polka dots on them, and the walls will be green.  This was a mix of their colors and polka dot theme.  Hopefully it'll be something she can use in her big girl room one day, too!  Come on out, Emerson!!!  We're ready to meet you.

"Baby Stats"

March/April must have been a season of love in '09 because everyone is having babies!  Here is one 10" "Baby Stats" canvas ready to hang!  I've never put a ribbon on a 10" before, but I like it!  Might be my new 'thing'.  :)

And indoor shot.
I'm getting a lot of indoor shots these days.  Not because of the stellar lighting we have in our home (because it's lacking severely), but because it's frickin' cold outside!!!

And this is a tiny picture (sorry) because my tiny brain failed to take my own photograph of this so I had to steal it from my bff's blog.  Her little girl, Charlotte, has this in her room now.  This design is identical to THIS PAINTING, but clearly, the colors and name are different.  I thought this painting was really cute.  But you should see the real Charlotte....

And I veered from the dots (well, not really...check out the depth border).
"Lila Marie" (6x18")

I usually will very neatly sketch out my lines with a liner brush because I like the clean, crisp look.  But this time, I went freestyle, and was surprised how much I loved the freehanded look of the imperfect striping.  Maybe an old dog can learn a new trick or two afterall.

There's something I really want to try soon.  A variation of something else I've done recently.  But so far not all of the parts have arrived yet.  I know...sounds weird.  Parts?  What am I talking about?  I hope it is as cool on canvas as it is in my head.  Come back soon and let me know.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Preschool Days

Today I realized that I have never blogged about this painting, which is a shocker because it's truly one of my favorites.

See why it's my favorite:

I love this primary color themed painting (except for the green an orange, yes, I know).  It makes me happy.  Like when we used to have a nursery in our house.  It just made me happy.  It was painted a robin egg blue color and had white furniture and smelled like a baby.  The good kind of baby smell.  So I would do things in the nursery I didn't normally enjoy folding clothes, paying bills, etc.  We don't have a nursery anymore so sometimes when I go through my painting pictures, I just stop by to check on this one.  It's cheery.  Just like the school.

We HEART Bluffton Academy!!!

And a huge thanks to all of the nice feedback about the new website!  Very appreciated.  And thanks for the order, as always!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big News of 2010

The Peanut Paintshop has a website!!!!  Not just a blog (no offense, blogger), but a real website!

Check it out!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heart Attack

Get rid of the Christmas red and make room for Valentine's Red.  Wait....Aren't they the same?  Probably so, but trying to convert Christmas decor into Valentine decor could get tricky.  I actually tried this once in college.  My college roomies and I were too lazy to take down the Christmas tree, so it transformed into the Martin Luther King, Jr. tree...and then the Valentine's tree....St. Patrick's tree...and so on.  I would recommend this style of decorating for a college house.  Let's face it.  It's pretty funny.  But for all you non college students, check out the latest V-day goods from The Peanut Paintshop!

"ConvoHearts" $35
Set of four 5" wooden hearts ready to be personalized

More "ConvoHearts"
Keepin' it in the family with everyone's names!

"Eye Love You" $20
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger

"ConvoHeart"- single  $15
7" wooden heart with ribbon hanger.  Words/colors can be personalized.

"Convo Heart"-single  $15
7" wooden heart.  Ribbon hanger.  Can be personalized.

Another "ConvoHeart"- single  $15

"LoveDots" $20
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger

"LoveDots" $20

"RoseyLove" $20
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger.  May be personalized.

Is your house looking empty like mine is now that the Christmas decorations are packed away?  Give your walls some love.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Ten!

I can't believe it's 2010.  At church yesterday morning our pastors posed the it "Twenty Ten" or "Two Thousand and Ten".  And we all unanimously decided that it doesn't matter.  It's a new year.  Time for newness.  For some that means a new body.  (Doesn't it seem that 99% of new year's resolutions revolve around diets and exercise...ICK!)  For some it means a new habit.  Like being punctual.

The Peanut Paintshop has a big goals for 2010, and I can't wait to share them with you....but not today.  I promise...any day now.  Keep checking the blog.....:)

For today...a recap of Christmas of 2009.  Yes, it's weird to post about Christmas on January 3rd.  Maybe it would make sense if I posted what was leftover on 'clearance'.  But there is nothing leftover!  October, November and December were CRAZY months in The 'Paintshop.  Too crazy, in fact.  So, lesson learned.  Christmas starts EARLY in 2010.  There's a resolution I guess.  And here are some of the Christmas pieces so you can get a super head's start, but mainly so I can fulfill one of my personal resolutions of deleting some art pics off of my computer!  Here's what went on in the Paintshop for the past 2-3 months...Try to remember their awesomeness in about 9-10 months or so:)

Merry Christmas wooden sign...5x30" $35

The Snowfam (5x7 canvas)  $12

The Christmas Card Holder!  These were the biggest hit of all!
12x24" wooden painting with clothes pins ready to display your Christmas cards

Another version of the Card Holder

And another one...(there were 8 in all...but I only took pictures of 3? Go figure.)
This one had some bling on it.

A snowman
16x20" $45

Fa-La-La-La-Flip Flops
12x24" canvas $50

Lowcountry Ornament Set
4x5" canvas with rope hanger  $20

Set of three 4" wooden blocks secured with ribbon  $25

Merry Christmas!
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger  $18

8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger  $20

A Manger Scene
12" canvas with ribbon hanger  $25

Let It Snow
12" canvas with ribbon hanger  $25

Fa La La
Set of three 4x5" canvases with attached ribbon  $20

Go Team Ornaments-Clemson
5x7" and 4" canvases...$12, $4

Go Team Ornament-UGA
$4x5" canvas with ribbon hanger

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Keep checking in for the big announcement!!!!!