Monday, October 5, 2009


If something from The Peanut Paintshop makes it's way into your hands, then it has been stamped by my personal stamp of approval.  If I don't like it, you're not getting it.  Simple as that.  But sometimes, I don't want to pass something along because I can't bear parting with it.  This is one of those paintings.  I like them all, but I REALLY like this one.  The dots, the colors, the verse....What's not to love?!?!?

This painting was requested by my friend, Courtney, who is due to have her 2nd baby boy very soon.  The boys have similar colors in their rooms, so she wanted something that would go with either one depending on where they wanted to hang it.  She said she would send me some pictures, but imagine the painter high I was on when I saw these polka dotted curtains!!!!!  What inspiration!

In an effort to tie in the curtains a little more, the borders are brown with the blue dots, much like the curtains are pinned back with brown and blue.

Thank you for ordering this, Courtney!  Congratulations in advance on another baby boy!  I pray that he is wise and his heart does follow the right path.

And thanks to everyone who came to the first ever Peanut Paintshop party!!!!!  It was a huge success, which has me painting like a crazy woman almost every day.  I'll have your orders ready soon.

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