Friday, July 6, 2012

Name and a Verse

There has been a recent request for Names and Verses.  
What a great way to add a meaningful, personal touch!

One really nice mom ordered these for her 4 kid's teachers!

If I had 4 kids, their teachers would probably get something regifted from me:)
I can barely keep up with 2 teachers.

 I had the freedom to choose the colors, which was fun.
Sometimes (not often) I prefer muted colors, but for a school?  
Bring on the brightness!

And we can't forget our MEN!

Thank you, teachers for giving your best for our kiddos.

And thank you, really sweet mom who ordered these for her kids' educators. 
You rock.

Teacher canvases are available for individual order or bulk orders. 
Discounts available for school purchases when ordering over 20 canvases. 
Email me for info!