Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Land of Y'all

My family has the pleasure of living in a beautiful area of the country. So beautiful, that many people trade their colder areas of the country to live here instead. Warm summer nights, biscuits and gravy, flip flops year round (well...almost). What's not to love? As a true Southerner, I'm clearly biased. But....I can understand roots. Even if they're grounded above the Mason Dixon line. This painting is for a friend who is...well....

It's fun to live in an area where people come from all over. Where you hear accents from near and far.

If you know of a transplant in need of some self defining art work, I'm open for business:)

*Canvas is 18x36".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Aboard!!!

Apparently my boys aren't the only train freaks out there. Boys, by nature, must love trains from the get go. These paintings were done for a little boy who has quite the choo choo obsession as well....

Hudson has recently moved from his crib to his 'big boy bed', and his mom wanted something train themed to go in the room. His walls are smokey blue, chocolate brown ceilings, and his bedding is brown and white striped with red piping. It's an adorable room. Apparently when he saw the paintings, he jumped up and down on the bed and said, THOMAS!!!!

I guess I know a way to at least one (little) man's heart!

The Paintshop is open for more orders. Let me know if you're lookin'. And it's never too early for Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bunny's Comeback

Wanna hear a really bunny story? Yeah, that was really nerdy, but whatever. This painting was a gift for a friend of mine who is due to have baby Lauren on September 30th. All I was told is that the room is green and brown and has a bunny theme. So I went back a few months in my brain (hard to do) and recalled the Annabelle painting. There were no bunnies on that painting, but the bedding had bunnies on it. So I searched for that bedding again to look for a clean line bunny image. Voila!

So, my friend, B, opens the gift today and looks at me like, "How did you know?" How did I know what? Turns out...She's using the same bedding as the bedding for Annabelle. Call it a painting/gift giving miracle:) I think she liked it. And who doesn't love the green and brown combo these days? Sorry for the terrible picture. This was taken at night in my house which doesn't have the best lighting. I had to lacquer this baby up and take her with me to the party this afternoon. Happy Birthday, B! We can't wait to meet Lauren!!!

Here's a valance from the bedding set. It's called Bunny Meadows. Kids Line makes it. Great stuff.

And here's the Annabelle. So cool that they look so differently but compliment the bedding at the same time.

Happy Wednesday, Paintshoppers!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Other Sweet

We're moving on from sweet tea to another sweet THANG...Sweet Pea! I actually like the vegetable, unlike the majority of the population, but I really like how it's become a popular visual for all things baby. Invitations, bedding, gift wrap, see it on all sorts of baby stuff! I thought it was time to see it on a canvas. Check it out....

And just because I was on a Sweet Pea train of's another Sweet Pea I know. Seriously...this is my friend, Erin's, dog. Sweet Pea the puggle. (sorry for the grainy image. I had to steal it from their blog and crop her husband out. I thought my husband might find it odd that we had a picture of my friends husband and dogs on our computer:)

And speaking of another sweet pea AND my husband...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BABY!!!! 6 years and counting.