Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Aboard!!!

Apparently my boys aren't the only train freaks out there. Boys, by nature, must love trains from the get go. These paintings were done for a little boy who has quite the choo choo obsession as well....

Hudson has recently moved from his crib to his 'big boy bed', and his mom wanted something train themed to go in the room. His walls are smokey blue, chocolate brown ceilings, and his bedding is brown and white striped with red piping. It's an adorable room. Apparently when he saw the paintings, he jumped up and down on the bed and said, THOMAS!!!!

I guess I know a way to at least one (little) man's heart!

The Paintshop is open for more orders. Let me know if you're lookin'. And it's never too early for Christmas shopping.

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