Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Other Sweet

We're moving on from sweet tea to another sweet THANG...Sweet Pea! I actually like the vegetable, unlike the majority of the population, but I really like how it's become a popular visual for all things baby. Invitations, bedding, gift wrap, see it on all sorts of baby stuff! I thought it was time to see it on a canvas. Check it out....

And just because I was on a Sweet Pea train of's another Sweet Pea I know. Seriously...this is my friend, Erin's, dog. Sweet Pea the puggle. (sorry for the grainy image. I had to steal it from their blog and crop her husband out. I thought my husband might find it odd that we had a picture of my friends husband and dogs on our computer:)

And speaking of another sweet pea AND my husband...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BABY!!!! 6 years and counting.

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