Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bunny's Comeback

Wanna hear a really bunny story? Yeah, that was really nerdy, but whatever. This painting was a gift for a friend of mine who is due to have baby Lauren on September 30th. All I was told is that the room is green and brown and has a bunny theme. So I went back a few months in my brain (hard to do) and recalled the Annabelle painting. There were no bunnies on that painting, but the bedding had bunnies on it. So I searched for that bedding again to look for a clean line bunny image. Voila!

So, my friend, B, opens the gift today and looks at me like, "How did you know?" How did I know what? Turns out...She's using the same bedding as the bedding for Annabelle. Call it a painting/gift giving miracle:) I think she liked it. And who doesn't love the green and brown combo these days? Sorry for the terrible picture. This was taken at night in my house which doesn't have the best lighting. I had to lacquer this baby up and take her with me to the party this afternoon. Happy Birthday, B! We can't wait to meet Lauren!!!

Here's a valance from the bedding set. It's called Bunny Meadows. Kids Line makes it. Great stuff.

And here's the Annabelle. So cool that they look so differently but compliment the bedding at the same time.

Happy Wednesday, Paintshoppers!

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