Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Remember THESE?   They were such a hit, that they needed a little revamping.  Just enough to allow them on your walls year round.  It's hard enough saying farewell to candy canes and Christmas lights January through November, so why should we have to say goodbye to these?  Now, we don't have to!

Kiss thumb tacks goodbye and say hello to....Photo Holders!

This is an 8x24" canvas with 12 metal clips ready to hold pictures, postcards, baby announcements, birthday invites, artwork, reminders, etc.  These can be made in any size, color and with the number of clips you need.

Not only did I did I perform a switcheroo with the Christmas card holder, I threw the ultimate curve ball by painting something for one of my kids!  As I've mentioned before, Jack and Finn are the recipients of artwork leftovers.  The things that don't sell, or the practice pieces that I try before doing the 'real' one for someone else.  Not yesterday.  I cranked out a crab for my youngest!

The graffiti-esque font for his name is very much like him:  wild, colorful and all over the place!

It will match his bedding and his attitude:  CRABBY!  : )  Just kidding.  He's just very much TWO!

The colors up close...

So, it's Jack's turn.  And since he's 4, I'm going to let him choose (within well defined parameters of course:)!

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

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