Sunday, January 31, 2010


Remember THIS PAINTING?  You may not.  I had to go back over six months to find it myself.  But I was excited when a friend wanted to use it as her inspiration for this painting....

It's an "established" painting with a little less seriousness...and a little more funkiness.  It was so much fun to paint this.  I love the bird, the flowers and the colors.  Thank you again to the graphic designer who created the wedding invitation that these are based from.  You do amazing work.  

And the "established" painting wasn't all my friend wanted!  She took the bird and flowers and shared the love with her sons!

She wondered if the pink and flowers would be over the top for boys....but we decided the answer was a 'no'.  Because these are not for her boys.  These are for her.  For her space.  And I love that!

And to top it off....the colors matched her wedding flowers.  (Insert "Awwww" here)

And this is why I love doing custom paintings.  They are WHAT YOU WANT!  It just so happens that this time, I would have wanted the same thing.  (If I had my own space:)

Just a lil' look of the pillow that the colors were pulled from.  The walls are a pale green.  Perfecto!

"Established" 12x24"  $60
"Square Bird"  12" $40

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