Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heart Attack

Get rid of the Christmas red and make room for Valentine's Red.  Wait....Aren't they the same?  Probably so, but trying to convert Christmas decor into Valentine decor could get tricky.  I actually tried this once in college.  My college roomies and I were too lazy to take down the Christmas tree, so it transformed into the Martin Luther King, Jr. tree...and then the Valentine's tree....St. Patrick's tree...and so on.  I would recommend this style of decorating for a college house.  Let's face it.  It's pretty funny.  But for all you non college students, check out the latest V-day goods from The Peanut Paintshop!

"ConvoHearts" $35
Set of four 5" wooden hearts ready to be personalized

More "ConvoHearts"
Keepin' it in the family with everyone's names!

"Eye Love You" $20
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger

"ConvoHeart"- single  $15
7" wooden heart with ribbon hanger.  Words/colors can be personalized.

"Convo Heart"-single  $15
7" wooden heart.  Ribbon hanger.  Can be personalized.

Another "ConvoHeart"- single  $15

"LoveDots" $20
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger

"LoveDots" $20

"RoseyLove" $20
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger.  May be personalized.

Is your house looking empty like mine is now that the Christmas decorations are packed away?  Give your walls some love.


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  1. You are insanely talented. May I please borrow your brain and brush? Wow!