Friday, January 15, 2010

I Want to be British

Or at least have the accent.  Or just the right to call the bathroom the "loo" every now and again without being looked at like a weirdo.  It just sounds better than bathroom, restroom, and even ladies room.  Oh, least I got to use the word in this painting!  Here's a remake from a previous painting.  The colors were changed to match the hand towel shown here.  Love the green and teal together.  And the fretful looking monkey.  It's like he knows how scary it can get when kids and 'loos' are mixed.  If you've never potty trained anyone, then you just wait.

Another look...
Zoo in the Loo is a 6x18" $30

More "BabyStats"!!!
These are a great way to give a shout out to the hours (potentially) of labor you went through to bring your baby into the world.  (And a great way to remember the info that we soon forget once motherhood takes over and we lose our minds.)

Below is another shot...this time I didn't play with the color.  It's been so freezing outside lately (even in the winter-free area of the country we live in) that I've rushed through my picture taking, sometimes forgetting altogether!  Here's another reason:  When I paint, I look like a hobo.  My hair is a mess, my clothes are paint splattered and makeup is rarely involved.  So to avoid adding to the growing collection of evidence that, indeed, we are the WEIRD family on our street...I try to take the pictures quickly.  Sometimes at the sake of the quality of the photos.  Here it was nearly dark.  Scary though to see what even a tiny bit of photo editing will do (above).  I seriously clicked one button that said "enhance."  And it lightened the photo that much!  Now, I have NO IDEA about photo editing.  But I do wish that the "enhance" button would do more than change the color if you know what I mean.

10" square $30

Sometimes I'm darting around so quickly I neglect to see the 85 pound hairy beast that is charging at me. By beast I'm referring to our golden retriever, Scout, and when I say charging, it's more of a lazy gallop. So, meet Scout and "Alexia"!

The instructions for Alexia were simple:  Make it girly.

I think we reached the goal.

6x18" custom, $30
(the picture below is also without "enhancement" and is true to the actual color)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

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