Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Ten!

I can't believe it's 2010.  At church yesterday morning our pastors posed the it "Twenty Ten" or "Two Thousand and Ten".  And we all unanimously decided that it doesn't matter.  It's a new year.  Time for newness.  For some that means a new body.  (Doesn't it seem that 99% of new year's resolutions revolve around diets and exercise...ICK!)  For some it means a new habit.  Like being punctual.

The Peanut Paintshop has a big goals for 2010, and I can't wait to share them with you....but not today.  I promise...any day now.  Keep checking the blog.....:)

For today...a recap of Christmas of 2009.  Yes, it's weird to post about Christmas on January 3rd.  Maybe it would make sense if I posted what was leftover on 'clearance'.  But there is nothing leftover!  October, November and December were CRAZY months in The 'Paintshop.  Too crazy, in fact.  So, lesson learned.  Christmas starts EARLY in 2010.  There's a resolution I guess.  And here are some of the Christmas pieces so you can get a super head's start, but mainly so I can fulfill one of my personal resolutions of deleting some art pics off of my computer!  Here's what went on in the Paintshop for the past 2-3 months...Try to remember their awesomeness in about 9-10 months or so:)

Merry Christmas wooden sign...5x30" $35

The Snowfam (5x7 canvas)  $12

The Christmas Card Holder!  These were the biggest hit of all!
12x24" wooden painting with clothes pins ready to display your Christmas cards

Another version of the Card Holder

And another one...(there were 8 in all...but I only took pictures of 3? Go figure.)
This one had some bling on it.

A snowman
16x20" $45

Fa-La-La-La-Flip Flops
12x24" canvas $50

Lowcountry Ornament Set
4x5" canvas with rope hanger  $20

Set of three 4" wooden blocks secured with ribbon  $25

Merry Christmas!
8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger  $18

8x10" canvas with ribbon hanger  $20

A Manger Scene
12" canvas with ribbon hanger  $25

Let It Snow
12" canvas with ribbon hanger  $25

Fa La La
Set of three 4x5" canvases with attached ribbon  $20

Go Team Ornaments-Clemson
5x7" and 4" canvases...$12, $4

Go Team Ornament-UGA
$4x5" canvas with ribbon hanger

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Keep checking in for the big announcement!!!!!

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