Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Stuff

Here are some photos of recent Paintshop things.  I wish there was time to write something special about each one and about the person who they're for, but it seems that I can't come up with that much time.  So, for now, these (unedited) pictures must suffice....


16x20" Armor of God

10" custom to match bedding

10" custom

6x18" "Established" painting (make great wedding gifts)

12"Christmas painting

12x24" Team painting with hooks to hang your hat on:) (and, no, I'm not a Clemson fan.  We live in SC, and the whole orange and purple thing seems to come with the territory)

10x30" Bluffton painting

6x18" WashBrushFlush


6x18" Loo

6x18" WashBrushFlush

10x30" Redfish

6x18" custom

8x24" custom (LOVE this one:)

10x30" custom on wood!

20" square custom flowers.  These were finished with dried flowers from the customer's wedding and the birth of her son.  Very unique!

12" custom

10x30" Bible verse custom

16x20" Deck the Halls Y'all

Unsure what size.  Just found the wood and painted it:)

4x6" Christmas ornament, door hanger, whatever you want it to be!  Snow Family!!!

6x18" custom for my new cousin who lives in England!


Hairbow Holder.  Made of wood.

8x24" WashBrushFlush (probably the most popular)

10" custom

10" custom

Thank you, friends, family and people I have never met for keeping this hobby of mine going.  It's still a blast and something I look forward to every time I get out the paint brushes.

If there's something you need before Christmas, please let me know ASAP!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff! SO awesome Erin!!!

  2. You do an AWESOME job, Erin! I can't wait to have a reason to order something! The last Tar Heel print got me thinking about Drew's big boy room (a little bit down the road!). Great stuff! I see this "hobby" turning "career" before too long!

    Nichole Huff

  3. These are awesome! I found your site on bbbbbrowns' blog. You are very talented! I have a kitchen table which serves as my work space for making aprons and I'm the mom of three sons, sounds like we have a few things in common.