Friday, January 8, 2010

Preschool Days

Today I realized that I have never blogged about this painting, which is a shocker because it's truly one of my favorites.

See why it's my favorite:

I love this primary color themed painting (except for the green an orange, yes, I know).  It makes me happy.  Like when we used to have a nursery in our house.  It just made me happy.  It was painted a robin egg blue color and had white furniture and smelled like a baby.  The good kind of baby smell.  So I would do things in the nursery I didn't normally enjoy folding clothes, paying bills, etc.  We don't have a nursery anymore so sometimes when I go through my painting pictures, I just stop by to check on this one.  It's cheery.  Just like the school.

We HEART Bluffton Academy!!!

And a huge thanks to all of the nice feedback about the new website!  Very appreciated.  And thanks for the order, as always!!!

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