Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sea Life

Pottery Barn Kids is most mothers' decorating wonderland.  Some of my mom pals know most of their furniture and bedding by name, and almost all the moms I know will cruise the online sale section regularly looking for a steal.  The store has become a staple in kid room decorating.  I actually saw a website the other day that named "pottery barn-like" as a type of furniture, along with 'cottage' and 'contemporary'.  So, well done, PBK, for being a branding champion!  

Thank you for the things you sell....and for the things you don't.  Here's what I mean:
See the cute shower curtain and towel set shown above?  Awesome right?  Those can be yours for X amount.  The adorable artwork on the wall, however, cannot. ask me to paint it for you:)  

That's right.  PBK doesn't even sell it.  I don't know where it came from.  But it was fun to recreate and add some, ahem, POLKADOTS to the borders for some flair:)

These were done for my friend and neighbor, Buffy.  She's due to have her 2nd son this summer and has made the boys' bathroom super cute with the above shower curtain, towels (and surfboard rug that is not shown).  And she wanted these canvases done to complete the look.  
Part of the fun in painting is the painting and design itself.  The other big part of the fun is seeing what you do with your rooms and how you decorate them!  Thanks for including me in the fun, all you Peanut Paintshop purchasers!!! :)

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