Monday, June 15, 2009

More Laundry

Isn't that always the case? Isn't there always MORE LAUNDRY?!?!?! Well, this time, I meant it in a fun way. I did one more laundry painting. And I hope it will be cute enough to make the ugliest of chores just a little more fun. Check it out:

This was done for my friend, Joanna. The trees, the saying, and the colors were all her ideas, so thank you, Joanna! I hope you enjoy this in your brand new home! It was fun to paint this for her because she is a girly girl. I knew I couldn't use too much pink or make it to0 bright and colorful. And of course she didn't mind my dots...

The font turned out really well on this one. It's kinda funky, kinda girly.

These make great housewarming gifts! Sometimes it's hard to buy for someone's home. You're not always sure if something goes with their colors or style. But you can usually be safe in a laundry room. Rarely is there a theme or color at all! Give me a shout if you know of a laundry room that could use a face lift!

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