Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

My friends are picking out the coolest invitations to their kids' parties! Recently I got an invite for a brother/sister birthday party with the tagline "One fish, two fish, pink fish blue fish". How cute is that? (Unfortunately, I don't have a picture for you to see exactly how cute it was.) And then...another friend received the invitation pictured above to a baby shower for a mama-to-be who's having boy/girl twins! That friend put her creative cap on after seeing both invites and wanted a painting done with some ideas from both of them. Here's what she came up with:

The saying is from one invite and the fish are from the other! The twins are sharing an ocean themed room that has a lot of teal in it. From what I hear, their parents are big water people, so this fish themed canvas will hopefully fit right in.

The font was made to be a little Dr. Suess-ish (Can you say that 5 times?) since the one fish, two fish idea originally came from his books, I would assume.

My friend, Katie, who also loves to paint (and does it quite well I might add), made this awesome painting for the boy/girl birthday party. This painting is inspired by the other fish themed inivitation, and I. LOVE. IT. Doesn't hurt that it's propped up next to that 1 year old cutie, either:)

It's a fish invitation paintin' world, and I am a fish invitation paintin' girl.

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