Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Airing Out My Laundry

As much as laundry is #10 on my Top 10 list of chores, I have to say that this painting is one of my favorites. This is for some friends of ours who just moved into their first home. You're probably wondering why I chose to paint something for their laundry room, right? Here's the reason: Our friends' mothers happen to have superhuman powers when it comes to unpacking, organizing and decorating a home. No kidding. They moved in on Friday and the place was looking 100% finished on Sunday evening. So, to the laundry room this goes!

This painting holds several firsts for me:
1. The size: It's a 10x30" which I've never done before. I love it! It looks great above a door (or washing machine:)
2. The undies: I've yet to paint tightie whities before. This may be a last. I giggled the whole time.
3. The location: There have been several laundry room ideas floating around before, but this is the first actual painting.

And what is a Paintshop painting without a lil' polka? It was either stripes or dots, and dots took the trophy yet again. I do think the stripes would have been just as nice, though.

Lastly (AND leastly:), the tiger paw. Our friends are Clemson alumni, so I thought a little tiger paw on one of the shirts would add a personal touch without being an orange overload. Which can happen if you're not careful:)

Let me know if you want your laundry room to be cool like the one this painting is going in.

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  1. Girl, you've been busy! I know I just checked this blog a few days ago, and yet you've got another three posts up! Keep it up. Your work gets cuter by the canvas.