Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love. It.

I love this canvas.  
It's so bright. 
And cheery.
And pink. 
There is no pink in my house that is not mine. 
So I like to paint with pink. 
And green.
And different shades of pink.
With girly letters. 

And I love the name Josie. 
You have to have tons of personality with the name Josie. 

Josie has the most beautiful crib bedding from Polka Tot Designs. 
Paisleys and polka dot.
Pinks and greens.
And now a canvas with her super cute name to welcome her home in April. 

Cute bedding. Cute name.  It would have been hard to mess this one up!

*18x36" are typically $100, but the level of detail for the paisleys took more time than this Mama bargained for!  But definitely worth every minute.  The detail made it!

ps.  how many times can i use the word 'cute'? seriously.

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