Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture Frames

Time for something new: 


These frames hold 4x6" photos.  These are all horizontally placed, but you can have a vertical design as well.  

Here's my pooch in a Bluffton frame.  Scout is now 7 and very gray.  It's so sad.  That's why we framed this photo.  We wanted to remember his goldenness of years past.  And the days when his nose was black.  It's now pink. Weird.

Another Bluffton frame.  Loving the navy and lime green.  Very nautical.  The photo was actually taken on Hilton Head, but we live in Bluffton, so it's all good.

And "Baby Love" is framing a photo of my cousin, Owen.  He's 9 now.  And almost as tall as me.  WAAAAAA!!!!!!!

How sad that I didn't have a single 4x6" horizontal photo of a lone girl?  Not even one of myself.  Seriously.  So just envision any Daddy's girl who is near and dear to your heart cheesing her face right out of this frame.  

It was time for something new.  Apparently painting on wood instead of canvas is enough change for me:)  I'm so WiLd!


As with canvas orders, you can customize these as much as you would like.  Colors, designs, fonts, words, pictures...whatever you'd like!

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  1. We definitely use our photography for art in our house! W love to travel and so much of our art displays who we are, where we've been and what we love. It's so cheap and yet totally beautiful!

    Picture Photo Frames