Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gifts Galore!

Sometimes you need Just a Little Something.  Can't you just hear your mother saying that?  
"Mom, you didn't need to get the boys President's Day gifts!"
"Oh...it's just a little something."

So maybe this isn't for President's Day, but the purchaser of this canvas needed Just a Little Something for a baptism.  

"Cross Canvas"

Is everyone you know having a baby?  If so, get them a baby stats canvas!  There's one thing that people like more than the look of their own name, and that's the hand picked name of their newborn bundle of love. 

"Benjamin Michael"

Is everyone you know getting married?  If so, buy them an "Established" canvas!  If there's one thing people love more than their own name or the hand picked name of their newborn bundle of love, it's their new married name. :) (I sense a theme here...)


You can also do a rectangular "Established" canvas

"The Sammuts"

Both the 10" and 6x18" are great sizes for gifts.  They're small enough so the recipient doesn't have to have a specific spot for it.  They look great on a small wall space or book shelf.

Any little sports fans out there?  You're little All Star will enjoy this super sporty canvas.

"Zack Sport"

And for a more feminine flare, we have girly colors and dots!


Need a place to store your bows?  Look no further!

"Bow Holder-jSc"

Another fun name canvas...

"Emma Kate"

This canvas was made to match Emma Kate's bedding.  Love these springy colors!!!

Holla if you need Just a Little Something for someone!

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  1. Great lil shop! I am with you why spend a bunch of money if your crafty! didnt realize how crafty I was until I started crafting! Thanks for your inspiration on possibly starting a shop of my own! skittlesinsa@hotmail.com