Monday, August 30, 2010


It's wedding time, folks!
What better gift to give than a custom canvas inspired by the wedding invitation itself.
Because you know the bride and groom will at least like the design. 
Unless for some reason they went with invitations they hated.  Which would be weird.

Onto...Pea Nuptuals...

"The Ashcrafts" 

They got totally funky with these pink and orange swirls.
I didn't attend this wedding, but I saw pictures.  Amazing.

"The Lowerys"

Much like "The Lowerys"...
"The Sisas"
Side note:  This bride's name is Lisa.  Lisa Sisa. 
Awesome Schmawesome.
Love the funky font on this one.

"The Hines"
This wasn't based from an invite, but it was inspired by room colors and fabric swatches.  

"The Wards"
Love that apple green!

This definitely wins the zaniest invite of the season.  It was awesome.  Brown with teal swirls.  
"The DiLettos"

Love Love Love this one.
"The Underwoods"
The trees.  The birds.  The colors.  The simplicity.  ...All of it!  

More birds...:)
"The Dryes"

Thank you, brides and grooms of 2010, for using COLOR in your wedding invitations.
And, THANK YOU, guests of weddings in 2010, for letting me paint some cool gifts for your friends.
It's been fun.

Stay tuned for some up and coming posts on my new fave-o-faves!

AND...for you locals...check out Miss Elizabeth's for Fall and Christmas art soon!!!

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