Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Canvas By Any Other Name...

It's Name Canvas time!!!!  I know I say this about a lot of paintings, but I really LOVE painting name canvases.  Each one is different, and the order usually come with photos of the bedroom that they will go in.  It's fun to picture the art in their room.  

The painting below is for a UNC friend of mine.  He and his wife just welcomed a brand new baby girl into their lives. Congrats, Jared and Ashley!
"Bailey" 8x24"

Miss Elizabeth's has been keeping The 'Paintshop busy!  Here are a few custom orders that came from the store.  And if you're a local Bluffton/HHI mom, you HAVE to go by Miss Elizabeth's.  They have the cutest clothes and children's items ever.  Oh, to have a daughter to buy for.....but I do have a niece!  

"Eden"  10x20"

The painting below is one of FIVE paintings I did with the name Jackson over the past month.  I think I can paint this name in my sleep now.  But what a great name!

"Jackson Window" 10x30"

"Gwenna" was another order from Miss Elizabeth's.  I love the bright colors and the font they chose.  So far, the "Design Your Art" idea is taking off!  Thanks for all of the creative new ideas!

"Gwenna" 8x16"

No, no one named their baby "Open."  Although if Brad Pitt and Angelina decide to procreate for the 100th time, I'm sure "Open" could be a name option.  

This painting is now hanging at Tara's Salon at Moss Creek Village.  It matches the colors and is a cheery welcome for everyone coming for a new do.

"Open" 6x18"

Happy Summer Everyone!

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