Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Y'all have been keeping me busy!  Thank you for the continued support of The Peanut Paintshop.  Painting continues to be a blast.  Looking forward to showing y'all the Christmas collection SOON!

In the meantime, here's an update of the latest and greatest:

This painting is for a college friend's nephew.  She lives in NYC.  Nephew lives in CA.  TPP is making is all over the country! haha
This painting has extra significance to me.  I'm studying the book of Joshua currently through my CBS group, and this was our memory verse for the week.  I learned that a great way to memorize a verse is to paint it.  You read it over and over again and make sure you haven't misspelled anything. :)

"Joshua 1:9"
20" square

Football season has taken over our home, and even though it's not my favorite sport, it's been enjoyable to pull for local teams and for my favorite team, of course!  (UNC)

"Go Tigers"

A smaller version of what's above...

"Tiny Team"
6" square


This is one of my all time faves.  Love the chunky dots, the shading and all the girl-tastic colors!  
(and I love the baby it's for even though I've never met her because I love her family so!)

Still one of my favorite baby gifts!
"Baby Blocks"- Sawyer
10" square

Teacher gift alert 
(someone was brown nosing early in the year:)
"Mrs. McNamara"

Love these baby boy blues...

"Triple N'itials"- aRs
10" square

Another one that I love, love love....

See the awesome ribbon at the top of the bow holder below?  This is the ribbon that inspired "Ruth" (above) and the ribbon that inspired the entire nursery that these paintings are going it.  I loved painting for this customer because she said she wanted COLOR!  Make it bright, I believe were her words.  Loved it.
Bow Holder-$25

Christening Gift:

Love this size for names...great baby gift!

Another fun color combo...(and a great name!)

Given as a baby shower gift...

The next painting was given to a friend (by another friend) who just had her 3rd precious son. 
"Brother Buddies"

The boys names were painted around the larger dots.  
Sawyer. Holden. Weston.  
Third time's a charm, right?

This canvas was painted for a friend of mine's nephew.  The doctors told them that he was missing a very important part of his brain that would not allow for him to live.  After a while, and another ultrasound later, the missing part was there and Tyler is a perfect little baby!  "Fearfully and wonderfully made"
"Triple N'itials"- tBg

Another fun name canvas! 

After all the pirate themed birthday parties we've taken our sons to, it was shocking that this is only the 2nd piratey canvas from TPP!  Side Note:  It was so special that the USPS thought they would 'hold onto it' (lose it) for 30 days before delivering to the right person.:)  But thanks to Laura at the Sault Ste. Marie PO, the painting was found and delivered to Ryder's home safe and sound.
"Pirate Ship"

This painting was customized by the purchaser through Miss Elizabeth's Children's Boutique.

This is another great baby gift!
"Baby Stats"- Elise

Remember this painting....?
"Gone Fishin'"

Apparently someone golfs more than they fish, because they asked for this sign to be made:
"Gone Golfin'"

As always, TPP paintings can be made to order.  Feel free to change fonts, colors, themes, words and phrases.  Or...if you like it just like you see it, that's fine, too!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, the buddy brother is so sweet :)
    And I love Joshua 1:9, it was one of my first verses I ever memorized

  2. Love the brothers one you did! That one may definitely be in our future with these 3 boys :)