Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Baby Stone is only a week old. I got to meet him today in the Preschool drop off line. His big sister and my Jack are in the same class together. He's chubby and cute and oh so sweet. It was so fun doing this painting for baby Stone.

Reason #1: It reminded me of what a small town we live in. Their neighbor purchased this painting for Stone. We all know each other from different areas of Bluffton. I saw Stone's Mommy and her very pregnant self in the drop off line all the while knowing that I was painting something for her baby when I would go home that day:)

Reason #2: These bubbles, the colors and the octopus! Okay, so that's 3 reasons in 1, but you get the idea. I usually allow 2-3 weeks to paint once I get all of the info from a purchaser, but this one flew by because it was so much fun to create! My parameters were mint green, baby blue and ocean theme.

Welcome to the world, Stone! I get to see your chubby little cheeks every Tuesday and Thursday! :)

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