Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For the Love of Bluffton

Below is a little artistic shout out to Bluffton, my current favorite town.  My town.  I heart this place.  Sure I join in the grumblings  about the lack of Krispy Kreme and other things we all miss from home, but in 6 short years, this place has won me over.  There's only one place you can find Cahill's Market, Gigi's Boutique, and the craziest Christmas Parade this side of the Mississippi.  Welcome to Bluffton.
When I moved here 6 years ago, I quickly went under the rapid fire lesson of SC rights and wrongs....

When you live in SC, you...

-Pull for a team that wears garnet and black or orange and purple.  Even if you really don't care, you have to lie and say you do.  Usually you choose the team that the majority of your present company pulls for and go with that one. (I would never do that.)
-Realize that the state flag is best thing going.  It's on everything!  Keychains, license plates, Tervis tumbler inserts, and even bodies!
-Learn that the state tree is NOT a palm tree, but a palmetto tree.  I made this mistake.  Once.  Never again.

So, this painting has a palmetto tree on it.  NOT a palm tree.  It's a 20" square.  Light teal background with a pluff mud brown border.  Packaged and ready to go.

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  1. Can you enlighten someone who is a little more north than you what exactly is the difference between a palm and palmetto?