Monday, July 27, 2009


Sometimes people will look at my paintings and say, "I never knew you were artistic/an artist!" And I'm so grateful. Clearly, it's flattering. Not so clearly, is the fact that I'm laughing at the thought of my brother ever hearing someone say that. Is it because he's the typical mean, older brother? No...In fact, he couldn't be farther from it. It's because he actually IS an artist. He supports his family doing what he loves. And he's really, really, really good at it. See....

Why all the hype about my brother? Well....he has decided to spread his artistic talents to the masses in a new way!!!! Without further adieu, let me introduce to you....SCRIBE!!!!! Scribe will provide stationary, invitations, announcements, greeting cards and more. COMING SOON!!!! And get excited Bluffton and Hilton Head fans, because Scribe will be teaming up with The Peanut Paintshop for a little house party in September. Details to follow. If you have a need for something awesome in the meantime, please email Matt(hew) at

Isn't this amazing? This is a wedding invitation courtesy of Scribe, and I think it's so unique and elegant. LOVE.IT.

And as an added bonus to me, Melissa, my sister-in-law, asked me to paint something for this wedding couple based on the invitation. It was difficult to paint behind my brother's brilliance, but it was fun to partner up in this way instead of our usual brother/sister antics of laughing at our parents. Just kidding of course. We wouldn't do that.

Perhaps the best announcement Scribe will produce will be coming in December. Matt and Melissa are expecting their first baby!

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