Monday, April 27, 2009

You Make My Heart Sing

Good afternoon! I hope it's as warm and sunny where you are as it is here. This weather could not be more perfect!!!! And I'm much more appreciative of the temperatures now that our AC is working. It was beginning to feel like a jungle in here.

And speaking of jungles (like that segue, eh?), how about this WILD THANG painting? This was painted for a baby girl whose room is jungle-themed and colored in yellows and greens. I was told to add something to make it 'girly'. I hope I didn't go overboard, because this 'thang' is screaming out some DIVA with its giraffe print and pink polka dots.

Keep the orders coming, Paintshop fans! Last week you kept me busy!

Here are some more from last week:

This is much like the Kaliyah painting (see the photobucket on the side bar). Isn't the name Berkeley fun?!? And contrary to what the color may have you believe, this painting is for a baby girl's room.

"Granny's Gone Fishin'" is a riot. This was made for a young lady in her 70s, one of my co worker's grandmothers who enjoys fishing. I think it's precious. Just picture it on her front door:)

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