Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Recents

Some new stuff:

"Two Peas" 
6x18" canvas with clips

This is being given away today at a baby shower.  As you might have guessed, it's for twins. 
Twin boys.  Wowzahs.

6x18" custom canvas to match bedding

Love the funky font on this one.  The room is mostly black and cream, but the green was pulled from a piggy bank in the room.  Cute bedding.  Wish I had saved the photo:(

"A Pirate's Life"
12x24" canvas

Our friends are expecting their 2nd boy soon.  This canvas was inspired by a rug they had purchased with colorful stripes and their ECU education.  Go Pirates!

"No Food or Drinks"
6x18" custom canvas with rope hanger

The purchaser of this canvas has 4 children.  They have one room in their house with carpet.  This sign is going outside the entrance to that room.  Understood.

And something a little different...

A picture frame!

"Owl Always Love You"
10x10" frame to hold a 5x7 photo

Made to match Love & Nature bedding from Target.  

Happy January!

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