Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Love is in the Air

It's Spring.  Which means...WEDDING SEASON!!!!

The "Established" paintings have been the most popular orders this past month in The Peanut Paintshop.
Some have been made to match invitations.  Others are painted with certain house decorating colors in mind.  

So, let the parade of paintings begin...

"The Brodericks"
Painted to coordinate with invitation.  The "B" matched the monogram on the black and white invite, and the tiny pink dots were added as a shout out to their pink wedding flowers.  This is such a simple, but classic design.

Another view of  "The Brodericks"

"The Swanks"
This was a collaboration of their invitation and their house colors.  

Side Note:  If my last name was Swank, I'd have a sign over my door that simply said "SWANKY".  Just sayin'.

This "Established" painting was created with their wedding flowers in mind.  Hydrangeas:  everyone's favorite.
10" square

Another Invite Match Up!  What fun and funky colors to use.  I'm seriously loving all of these colorful wedding invitations.  Seems that the days for cream/white colored invites with black lettering are numbered.  

10" square

(sorry for the ever so cruddy photo...taken at night...i got anxious and couldn't wait for good lighting:)

Okay, I really love this one, too.  
The super duper light blue/green and the chocolate brown are so pretty together.  
"The Smiths" painting was made to match their wedding invite as well.

This monogram "Established" painting was especially fun to do because it was for a dear friend of mine. I was actually at this wedding 7 years ago!  Gerbera daisies were their wedding flowers, and the room this is going in is a red-themed room.  What a perfect reminder of their perfect wedding day!
10" square

Another view.

"The Mamma-Jamma"
24" square

This painting was created to match their living room colors, and she said she loved the dots and stripes look.  Voila!  

...And what a great Bible verse to add as well!


1.  For yourself:  Get whatever size you want.
2.  For a gift:  I suggest a 6x18" or 10" square.  It's a good size to put just about anywhere...on a wall, on a bookshelf...etc.  It's not too big.
3.  Please provide as much info as you would like...colors, invitation copy, etc. 
4. Allow 4 weeks for completion. 

Let me know if you're in wedding gift panic like we found ourselves in the first few years after college.  This is an affordable unique gift that you won't have to worry about a getting a gift receipt for. 

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  1. I'm a big fan of all of them..especially jMa!