Saturday, May 29, 2010

Miss Elizabeth's Childrens Boutique

Hey friends!  I have exciting news!!!!

The Peanut Paintshop is now being sold in Miss Elizabeth's Children's Boutique!  Miss Elizabeth's is a brand new store to Bluffton that sells mostly upscale consignment and new clothing.  They carry super cute clothes, bows, accessories and from The Peanut Paintshop!  I'm so excited and honored that they would think enough of my stuff to want it in their store.  Super cool!  If you're a SC local, you should check it out!

For those of you not in the area, feel free to order anything below directly from me at, and you can always keep informed at 

Onto the paintings!...

Here is the BRAND NEW..."HOUSE RULES" canvas.  
This is a great way to remind your family members or students of the rules they (and you, too) should abide by!  As with all paintings, this can be customized to your liking.  This is a 18x24"canvas for $80. 

Another view...cause we all know crooked photos are sooooo cool. 

At Miss Elizabeth's, I've displayed 4 custom canvas examples.  Each canvas is a different size, a different style, there are 3 different fonts and over 40 colors to choose from.  In essence, it's a "Design your Art" type of thing.  

Here's Lucy:
Style: Multi Dots
Font: Lucy font (also seen on Ava canvas)
Size: 18x24"

The Finley
Style: Windows
Font: Finley font
Size: 16x20"

The Ava
Style: Color Block
Font: Lucy Font
Size: 10x20"

The Jack
Style: Stripes
Font: Jack font
Size: 8x16"

And even though this isn't for sale and it's just the color choice canvas, I would probably buy it because it makes me happy.

So that's it with the custom canvas section of the Miss Elizabeth's items.  

Onto the "As Is" selection...

"Wash Brush Flush"-brown

"Wash Brush Flush" blue

"Gone Fishin" 

"Bluffton Crab"

"The Boys" frame
7" square

Ultrasound photo frame 
7" square

If the Crown Fits...
7" square

Cherish Every Moment
wooden hanger

Daddy's Little Girl
wooden hanger

Say Your Prayers
wooden hanger

Children Sleeping
8" canvas

8" canvas

6" canvas


"Life is but a dream"

"Row Row Row Your Boat"

"No More Monkeys"

"Hug it Out"

"Bluffton Beauty"

Art Hanger

"Fire Truck"

"Pink Flower"

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  1. Too many to even comment on! I am so excited about you being in the store (not that I will probably ever go, but still, YAY!)
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE House rules. Can't wait until Spence says I can order that one!