Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hayden and Harper

Twin girls.
Can you imagine? 
The bows. The pink. 
40 nails to paint?  It would be so fun.
Just like painting these canvases.  
Pure FUN.

H names are cool, huh?  
H names for girls that could also be boy names are even cooler.

Birds are cool, too. 
(Except for those unbelievably vile ones that eat roadkill.)

So is Pottery Barn Kid's Penelope bedding, which was the inspiration for these canvases.
Thank you PBK for always hitting it out of the park for us.

I thought about keeping these for myself.

But who wants to be the old lady who lived in the shoe who had so many boys she didn't know what to do, so she kept girl paintings in her home just to see something pink that wasn't her own? 

Not me. 

So, Harper and Hayden, enjoy your fun, girly paintings!  

10" square canvases
$35 each

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