Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School Brown Nosin'

Want to get the school year off on the right foot?  

Buy your teacher a name sign!

They will love it. Just like Ms. Ryan did...

And Mrs. Cadaret will give you straight A's.

It has been rumored that the person who gave Mrs. Britt this sign is now in her will.

Do you get the picture?

Get your child's teacher a name sign.

Or get 5 name signs.

You might not have to volunteer for the Fall festival's dunking booth.

Your child will never be sent home with a note on his shirt.

Name signs are the modern day apple.

Teachers go nuts for them.

So after all of your typical back to school purchases are made, do yourself a favor and buy the one back to school purchase that will pay for itself (in A's, smiley faces and stickers that say "Terrific!")

6x12" name signs: $20 each
8x10" name signs: $25 each


  1. very nice blog! it is so colorful and i liked it :)

  2. One of our teachers bought these for her grade level mates and now many of us are buying them. Why wait for a student to get it for you buy them yourself. They are truly just as wonderful as they look on the website.