Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey y'all!  It's been a while.  The Peanut Paintshop has been on the road!  Thank you for continuing to place orders and keep me busy...even when I travel.  

Here's the most popular name I have painted.  I think this is at least the 4th Isabelle.  The design is new, but the name is now commonplace in the Paintshop.  I no longer have to look at how to spell it.  And the name is clearly popular because of it's awesomeness. 
 Here's "Isabelle: Part IV":

"Isabelle Part IV" was made to match this bedding...
It's called "Katie" from Pottery Barn Kids.  Cute! (It comes in purple, too.)

"Sweet Caroline"
I really like the plaid on this!  Never painted plaid before. A first, but surely not a last.  I added clips to this to make it a photo holder but forgot to take a picture.  oops.

Square Crab
These crabs have become popular, and I'm so glad.  Because I love painting them.  They're fun and messy and very colorful.  Kind of like Play Doh.

Another view.  There were two smaller paintings to match these.  One was a seashell.  The other a starfish.  Again, forgot to take pictures.  


Given as a baptism gift.  Love the yellow and black.  Very bumble bee.

Here's to bright colors, less pollen, and warmer temperatures.
God Bless and Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is HERE!

Do you appreciate seasons?  I surely do!  In my short stint at this painting thing, the colors that I get to use tend to match the seasons.  This week has been all things bright, cheery and SPRINGY!

First up...

"The Dreamer"

These colors are so awesome in and of themselves, but on the same canvas, they're even better.


The colors and quote were hand picked by the customer for her daughter's bedroom.  What a sweet quote!  Gotta love ol' Shel.

Where does the sidewalk end?

The 2nd fun springy painting is...

"The Willow"
8x24" photo holder

And, no, these boys are not Willow:)

Here's the naked version...

Along with vibrant colors, what else tends to occur in Spring?  That's right!  WEDDINGS!

Here's an "Established" painting to match the wedding invite.
10" square

Symmetry is my friend.  This is a perfectly balanced monogram.  Pure bliss.  For nerds, anyway.  I hope you like your gift, J and J "M"!

These next two get me excited because...The Peanut Paintshop is going international!!!

These puppies are heading to Belize.  Wish I was :(

My instructions were to use "islandy" colors and use these phrases.  

Waves are fun to paint.  Hopefully they will be fun to look at, too!

When I handed this one over to it's new owner, she said, "Now, let's see if they obey it."  If so, I might have to put one in my house.

Thanks for reading and keeping me busy.  Painting is such a fun hobby!  Keep the great ideas coming.

Oh, and Happy (almost) Spring.