Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey y'all!  It's been a while.  The Peanut Paintshop has been on the road!  Thank you for continuing to place orders and keep me busy...even when I travel.  

Here's the most popular name I have painted.  I think this is at least the 4th Isabelle.  The design is new, but the name is now commonplace in the Paintshop.  I no longer have to look at how to spell it.  And the name is clearly popular because of it's awesomeness. 
 Here's "Isabelle: Part IV":

"Isabelle Part IV" was made to match this bedding...
It's called "Katie" from Pottery Barn Kids.  Cute! (It comes in purple, too.)

"Sweet Caroline"
I really like the plaid on this!  Never painted plaid before. A first, but surely not a last.  I added clips to this to make it a photo holder but forgot to take a picture.  oops.

Square Crab
These crabs have become popular, and I'm so glad.  Because I love painting them.  They're fun and messy and very colorful.  Kind of like Play Doh.

Another view.  There were two smaller paintings to match these.  One was a seashell.  The other a starfish.  Again, forgot to take pictures.  


Given as a baptism gift.  Love the yellow and black.  Very bumble bee.

Here's to bright colors, less pollen, and warmer temperatures.
God Bless and Happy Easter!

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