Saturday, February 27, 2010


If you've ever had a baby, you've probably looked at yourself, looked at the other parent-to-./[be and thought, "Who is this baby going to look like?!?!".  Even with 3D ultrasounds, you still never really know until you see the finished product.  

Thanks to the suggestion of a customer, we get to see what it looks like when canvases...ahem...reproduce.
This painting....

is the product of this...

and this...

It was fun to take the best parts of each and see what happened.  

And just so you know, God works miracles every day.  Here's proof:

From these two weirdos...

came these guys.  

Thank you, Lord.


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  2. I just love the finished product! It goes so well in our son's nursery. Thank you so much for allowing me to play and change it up! You are so talented and I love your paintings! We will be getting some more to go with this one very soon!