Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Stuff

Here are some photos of recent Paintshop things.  I wish there was time to write something special about each one and about the person who they're for, but it seems that I can't come up with that much time.  So, for now, these (unedited) pictures must suffice....


16x20" Armor of God

10" custom to match bedding

10" custom

6x18" "Established" painting (make great wedding gifts)

12"Christmas painting

12x24" Team painting with hooks to hang your hat on:) (and, no, I'm not a Clemson fan.  We live in SC, and the whole orange and purple thing seems to come with the territory)

10x30" Bluffton painting

6x18" WashBrushFlush


6x18" Loo

6x18" WashBrushFlush

10x30" Redfish

6x18" custom

8x24" custom (LOVE this one:)

10x30" custom on wood!

20" square custom flowers.  These were finished with dried flowers from the customer's wedding and the birth of her son.  Very unique!

12" custom

10x30" Bible verse custom

16x20" Deck the Halls Y'all

Unsure what size.  Just found the wood and painted it:)

4x6" Christmas ornament, door hanger, whatever you want it to be!  Snow Family!!!

6x18" custom for my new cousin who lives in England!


Hairbow Holder.  Made of wood.

8x24" WashBrushFlush (probably the most popular)

10" custom

10" custom

Thank you, friends, family and people I have never met for keeping this hobby of mine going.  It's still a blast and something I look forward to every time I get out the paint brushes.

If there's something you need before Christmas, please let me know ASAP!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Card Holders!!!

Tired of not knowing what to do with the mass of Christmas cards that will start arriving in your mailbox any day now?  Let me guess what your current plan of attack might be...

1.  Tape them to a door frame.
2.  Store them in a drawer.
3.  Or my favorite...toss them into the sleigh shaped basket!

Some of those ideas are better than others.  But do any of them give a proper shout out to your friends who sent it to you?  I don't think so.  If you send Christmas cards, you know the hassle it can be.  The perfect photo, the matching outfits, the fonts, the colors, the's stressful!!!  The feeling you have after completing your Christmas card is similar to finishing a final exam.  So, buy one of these and show how many friends you have your respect to the Christmas Card!

This is what your Christmas Card Holder might look like on December 2nd if you have a lot of Type A friends.  I don't have a lot of Type A friends.  I have a lot of Mom friends, so this is what my holder will look like mid-January once we receive all of the late Christmas cards disguised as New Years cards.

And this is what your Christmas Card Holder will look like when you tilt your camera to the side and take a picture of it.

Other things about the Christmas Card Holder....

It's made of wood with clothes pins to hold the cards.
It's 12"x24".
It's awesome.
It can be yours for $40.  Email me at
It can be customized for $5 more.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!  Stay tuned for more new stuff!  I've been a busy bee.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Name Game

Peanut Peanut Bo Beanut Banana Fana Fo Feanut...

Oh you know The Name Game, right?  That's what I have been singing to myself over the last few weeks while I've been painting all of these precious names on canvas, ready to transform a cute bedroom into Cole's cute bedroom.  Or Ella and Emma's cute bedroom.  Or Elijah's cute bedroom.  There's no better way to stake your claim on your space than with a coordinating name painting.  From The Peanut Paintshop.  At least in my unbiased opinion.  :)

Here's Cole....


Cole's room is decorated in blues and browns.  I never even saw his bedding or his room, but his mom said we couldn't go wrong with blues and browns.  Cole is only a few months old, but this will look great in his room for years to come.

The Ella....


and twin sister Emma....


Ella and Emma have the Brooke bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  I went with colors from their bedding and pulled the green with white polka dots from it for a bright and fun look.  It was great to live vicariously in girl world for another brief moment.  Here's the Brooke bedding.  And, again, no, PBK pays me nothing for the continuous advertisement that I give to them.

And for some more sibling sharin'....Anna Lauren and Harrison!  It was a different experience to create for a room shared by a boy and a girl.  Their bedding coordinates in greens and browns, but has pink and blue thrown in as well.  Keeping the same overall look on the paintings along with the similar colors helps to bring the room together, but adding the different colors from their bedding makes it more personal.

10" squares

If you're looking for a name canvas to personalize your child's room, here are my suggestions:

1.  Use your favorite colors from their bedding.  In all likelihood, your favorite colors for your son or daughter are going to be the same when their room changes as they age and they'll generally be colors that are in most bedding sets.  This will allow you to use the piece for many years.

2.  Try to steer clear of adding a lot specific images to their name canvas.  Example:  Our son Jack had a jungle themed nursery.  The elephants and monkeys were precious and beautifully stitched on his bumper and sheets.  So I painted them.  My very first paintings.  Five jungle animals on rather large canvases.  Nothing much with his name on it.  I thought this was smart when we had our 2nd son, Finn, and he transitioned right into the nursery.  We didn't change a thing. Finn and Jack share a room.  And there was no new baby to put in that old nursery.  This meant...all new art work.  There was nothing to transition with them.  Nothing to remind me of their nursery days.  Instead the jungle animals are in our attic somewhere.  If you want a transition piece, feel free to use an image of something fun from their bedding, but don't overdo it.  If you want to save some pennies in the future and have a fun reminder of the past, stick to the colors you like.  If you just gotta have the images, use smaller canvases.

3.  Map it.  I suggest using masking tape on the wall where you want your painting to go.  Map it out.  Then, measure your markings.  A lot of times people are surprised when their order arrives at how small or big it turns out because they never took the time to measure it.  They just did one of those hold your hands in a window form in the air and say, "Yeah, that looks good."  If you want something over a bed, changing table or door, bigger seems to be better.  Smaller canvases work well for propping on a book shelf, narrower wall spaces, and even hanging on their door.

That's all, folks.  Happy Sunday.